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I was working at Borders when the fourth book of the Twilight saga was released. Only a couple people in the store had read the books, and we were expected to host a release party with trivia and contests, so it seemed a good idea to read them. Even the fourth one, since I’d read the rest.

Twilight Spoof image, with Obama and Palin 🙂

Well, loonngg review short, I didn’t like them. To be fair to Stephenie Meyer, I don’t really like Vampire books in general. But I really thought her writing was trite, her main character was whiny, and her love triangle was predictable (except for the creepy baby, didn’t see that coming).

So every time I talk to someone my age who read the books (if you’re in middle school, it’s more acceptable) and loved them, I’m honestly surprised.

I just read yesterday that Meyer is releasing another short book, titled The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner. I guess I’m not surprised, everyone’s capitalizing on the series trend (something I’ll probably rant about in another post) but I honestly can’t understand the obsession. And they must be expecting quite a sales rush, with a first printing of 1.5 million copies.

Again, though, I have to give Meyer some credit: $1 dollar from the sale of each book, which is being released for free online, will be donated to the Red Cross for Haiti Relief. I guess there’s something to be said for using one’s power for good. 😛 But I hope she stops writing soon – the faster everyone gets over this vampire craze, the better – and then we can get back to the business of reading good fantasy books.


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