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As an undergad, I took a Brit Lit class and one of our best assignments was to take a section of one of the pieces we read and make it into another type of writing. For example, a scene could become a poem, a poem could become a rap song, and, in my case, a chapter of Mrs. Dalloway became a screenplay (which I should find and post because it was AMAZING!)

Now, Galleycat is apparently doing the same thing – except with film. Basically, each participant will get a very short segment of a book to film however they want. See the full description of the “World’s Longest Literary Remix” here.

And they included an example on their site, from a Star Wars version, which I was FORCED (pun intended) to link to this blog – because Star Wars is awesome! Now, if only I could get someone to play Star Wars trivial pursuit with me 😛

Anyway, like book trailers, this is a fun way to get people talking about BOOKS. And it’s creative and can be pretty cheap. I’d probably make one myself if I knew diddly-squat about film.


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I loved this book, Graceling by Kristin Cashore, but this trailer leaves something to be desired. Regardless, though, still enjoyed it. 😛

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I love science-fiction and fantasy, so I was really excited to hear that the Hugo Award nominees have been announced.

I was disappointed, however, to see that I have read almost none of the nominated titles! SO, I have decided to give my own award for best novel, best graphic novel, best movie, and best TV show.

The best novel for 2010: Graceling by Kristin Cashore (technically a YA novel, but awesome!!)

Best graphic novel: Here I agree with one of the nominations, and I think Fables Vol. 12: The Dark Ages should win. Fables and Y the Last Man are probably my favorite graphic novel series.

Best movie: Again, I agree with one nominee and think that Star Trek should win. I also really enjoyed Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, but I guess if you grow up with a series like that there’s always going to be a little bias in your heart.

Best TV show: I really like Doctor Who but I think I actually want to award Supernatural. I think this show is so fun! X-Files is still probably my favorite sci-fi show, but Supernatural has partly filled the gap.

So there you go. Debate as you will.

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Hello Blog

Dear Blog,

My friend L asked me today what new books she should read. I love when people ask me this question. My answer today?

Percy Jackson and the Olympians!

There’s a movie coming out, which looks really good, but I’ve so rarely seen movies that come anywhere near the caliber of the novel that I’d rather L read the books. A short, short synopsis: Poseidon’s bastard son, Percy Jackson, finds out he’s half-god, gets sent to a summer camp for heroes, and then proceeds to fight lots of monsters out of Greek mythology. What’s not to love? People who loved Artemis Fowl will love these books- Greek gods instead of fairies, but still. Actually, let’s make that the next debate: Fairies Versus Titans? It’s the age old Magic versus Brute Strength dilemma…(really not a dilemma – magic all the way).

And for those like me who love to be tortured by movies based on books, here’s the Percy Jackson trailer (I’m not saying it’ll be bad, just that it won’t be AS good): TRAILER.

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