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Growing up, I read in bed every night. This wouldn’t have been a problem except that I always fell asleep mid-read. Meaning: my glasses didn’t come off, but would hang lopsided from my face, my light wouldn’t turn off, but would continue to shine above my head, and my dad couldn’t just go to sleep, but had to get up and turn off my light and put my glasses on the bedside table. Thanks Daddy.

Now, I still do the same thing. On nights my boyfriend goes out, I often read on the couch of oursmall apartment, coffee in one hand and blanket secured around my legs. Luckily, I seem to drift off after I’ve finished the coffee. Then, my boyfriend comes home and gently picks my book off the floor from where’s it’s fallen out of my hands, and, like my dad, turns out the lights so I can continue to sleep the sleep of the well-read.

This is just an introduction to the actual purpose of this blog posting: I just found a site called Flashlight Worthy. As a huge advocate for reading until falling asleep, whether under the covers with a flashlight or not, I think this is a great site. It’s actually a very appropriate find because I just posted a couple reading lists myself yesterday. And that’s the main purpose of Flashlight Worthy: to give readers lists of similar books.

Here’s three intriguing lists I found that I now plan to incorporate into my almost daily HOLDS ritual on the Multnomah County Library website:

1) A Practical Fiction List for Surviving After the Apocalypse
2) Creepy Houses That Must Be Explored
) The Most Romantic Young Adult Books of All Time

Anyway, GREAT site, great lists – and I’ll probably post more lists as I discover them. If you’ve read any of the books on these lists, be sure to let me know. 🙂


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Hey All,

Sorry I didn’t post anything yesterday. I’ve been a little busy, but I hope to post something at leastTGR cover once a day in the future! As always, I’m happy to post things that are happening in the Portland literary community.

But, here’s some great personal news! First, this blog just got named a “Must Read Portland Book Blog” on Reading Local: Portland. That’s pretty flattering.

Second, I just accepted the position of Managing Editor of The Grove Review, and our newest issue will be available in June. This is an amazing publication, with a lot of extremely talented writers and artists, and our submission guidelines are on the site. We accept short stories, poetry, and art.

Well, hope you’re having a great day,


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I just got a PAID internship! I don’t know much about book marketing, but now I will! Yay!!

I wrote a press release for Carol White Marketing in order to be considered, and I just found out I got the “independent contractor” position. I’m really excited because I think book marketing is an area that will be especially useful in the future. Plus, the fact that I’m paid is amazing – grad students always need a little extra dough.

I don’t know for sure what I’ll be doing exactly, but I know I’m a good writer so hopefully that will carry me through anything with which I am not readily familiar.

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Here’s a slightly (but only slightly) sexy poem I wrote a while ago:


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