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I love science-fiction and fantasy, so I was really excited to hear that the Hugo Award nominees have been announced.

I was disappointed, however, to see that I have read almost none of the nominated titles! SO, I have decided to give my own award for best novel, best graphic novel, best movie, and best TV show.

The best novel for 2010: Graceling by Kristin Cashore (technically a YA novel, but awesome!!)

Best graphic novel: Here I agree with one of the nominations, and I think Fables Vol. 12: The Dark Ages should win. Fables and Y the Last Man are probably my favorite graphic novel series.

Best movie: Again, I agree with one nominee and think that Star Trek should win. I also really enjoyed Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, but I guess if you grow up with a series like that there’s always going to be a little bias in your heart.

Best TV show: I really like Doctor Who but I think I actually want to award Supernatural. I think this show is so fun! X-Files is still probably my favorite sci-fi show, but Supernatural has partly filled the gap.

So there you go. Debate as you will.


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Stephen King recently wrote a column in Entertainment Weekly about how he likes the Kindle and doesn’t like the iPad. (I don’t know the original column address, but here’s where I read it.)

My friend A. recently stayed at my house for the weekend and brought her new Kindle. She couldn’t put it down, and I was reluctantly impressed with it. I’ve been really really stubbornly refusing to partake in the e-book craze, and I don’t have an e-reader or a Kindle. But I kinda want one now.

Some perks I see for myself:

1. Don’t have to carry multiple books on trips
2. No glare on Kindle in sunny places where my computer might be hard to view
3. My eyesight is crap – I could make the text bigger
4. Save some money (I buy so many books, even the initial cost would save me money long term)
5. Greater access to self-published and small press books that I never seem to find in bookstores
6. Wireless everywhere!

The iPad, however, seems kind of pointless to me. Everything I’d use it for, I use my laptop for anyway. It’s not a convenient purse size like the Kindle, and my iBook is small and light enough that I don’t mind carrying it in my backpack. Plus, iPad always reminds me of this wonderful gem of a video: iPad MadTV.

But physical books will probably always be my preferred reading material. Plus, like Stephen King, I love having them around the house.

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I worked for Borders for over a year. I quit because I wanted to concentrate on grad school, and my position there was getting increasingly stressful, but when I first started working there the friendly, laid-back atmosphere really appealed to me.

That said, I know why Borders is failing – they are just not up to the caliber of Barnes & Noble. B&N has cleaner stores, better informed staff, and a more refined feel. If I’m going to buy from a chain, I prefer B&N – though I do try to buy from local stores too. Borders’ higher-ups just have no idea how to sell books and run a bookstore – some of the programs they created to get Borders out of debt were absurd. And every store is way UNDERstaffed!

Why am I talking about Borders? Because Borders’ time is running out: Borders Loan Deadline Looms. Supposedly, there is a possibility that Borders will take part in a merger, instead of filing for Chapter 11 (Bankruptcy) but I think a merger is pretty unlikely – why would B&N want Borders? It would a HUGE undertaking to make over all the stores.

I hope Borders stays in business, but I know it’s pretty impossible. 😦

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I read Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and liked it a lot more than I expected. But I think the trend is getting a little out of hand – not every classic needs a horror element! Sometimes a good read is a good read without a monster.

The New York Times published a great cartoon about this “Monster Mash-Up” trend last week:

If you want to see the original page: go here.

I hope the monsters stop before I have to see beloved books like Sherlock Holmes turned into something like Sherlock Holmes: Werewolf of London. Blech.

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