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Just watched this book trailer. I’ve been avoiding romance trailers, not because I don’t read romance (I do!), but because I don’t need to hear sappy music and see half naked men. This romance book trailer has neither – but it does have creepy music (especially when you’re home all alone, and it’s dark, and it surprises you) and shows the author and her book cover.

I think showing the cover of the book is the most effective aspect of book trailers – it’s what’s going to make readers connect the video to the physical item in the store.


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First, I just want to say that I approve of the trend lately of making 3-d movies. Coraline was amazing, and one of the few original movies I have seen in a long time.

How to Train Your Dragon wasn’t very original at all – it was actually a very predictable tale of how a bright outcast makes friends and eventually gains the respect and trust of both his father and his community. I think kids like these outcast to hero tales because we all feel a little out of place sometimes – like no one respects us and no one cares. But the animation of this movie, and the amazingly diverse characteristics of the dragons really made the movie.

And I’m actually amazed how many kids movies have a romantic theme – when I was that young, I wasn’t thinking of getting a boyfriend, I was more worried about my soccer team. So the romance between the main characters, Hiccup and Astrid, comes across as a little forced – more for parents than for kids.

But the Vikings’ island and their gruff personalities are appealing, and the dragons’ dilemma is exciting for kids. I actually want to read the book now, because I’m sure the book is better than the movie (per usual). So, all in all, this movie is worth seeing – plus, the 3-d effects of the dragons flying around and above the audience = AWESOME!

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